The Correct Holy Basil Dosage

When choosing to include holy basil in your heath regimen, dosage becomes very important.  The type of holy basil product determines the holy basil dosage you are choosing to incorporate which is typically based on your age, size, general health, and manufacturer.  As with any health product, everyone should consult with a health professional to determine his or her exact holy basil dosage.

  1. Leaves – The leaves from a fresh, living holy basil plant can be chewed and ingested to provide health benefits. In addition, leaves can be eaten directly from the plant or the leaves can be boiled to create a tea from the leaves themselves. An average sized adult can ingest up to 12 leaves daily.
  2. Tea – Tulsi tea is available in many health stores. Each manufacturer will offer specific dosing instructions.  However, generally tea can be made using 8 oz water, and can be take in 4 oz increments 3 times a day.
  3. Sublingual - Holy basil extract can be available as a tincture that can be taken sublingually.  After referring to the manufacturer’s specifications, generally 40-60 drops can be taken 3 times a day.
  4. Seed Oil – Holy basil seed oil is obtained from extracting the oil from holy basil seeds.  It can be used to address skin issues, such as exema.  2-5 drops can usually be dropped onto the skin in specific areas.  Holy basil seed oil is also used in beauty and anti-aging creams.
  5. Paste - A paste can be made using holy basil powder and water and applied to bug bites, burns, or other areas that are experiencing illness and injury.  The holy basil powder can also be obtained by breaking open a holy basil gel capsule if needed.
  6. Powder - Holy basil powder is made from dried holy basil leaves.  The powder can be mixed with a drink, or placed in gelatin capsules, or taken in powder form.  Generally, 1000-2500 mg of the powder can be taken daily.
  7. Tablets – Numerous manufacturers produce the tablet form of holy basil.  These holy basil tablet’s dosage is usually 1-2 tablets daily.  However the packaging material provided with the package will define the dosing requirements for their individual product.

Again, the best way to determine your exact dosage and delivery method for holy basil is to speak to a health professional or expert that can look at your medical history, age, and related conditions and make accommodations for your specific situation.

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